I am all for traveling. Even traveling to countries that are off the normal tourist path or a little bit risky. Especially Americans, please don’t travel to North Korea.

The worst regime

North Korea is probably the worst government in the world at the moment. Traveling to North Korea could give money to a regime that has prison camps, severe punishments for even the most minor “crimes”, much of the population starving and a total information control to keep its people uninformed.

Incentives to get you

North Korea knows that they can use Americans and other foreigners as leverage. They have an incentive to get Americans and live under the whim of a dictator. Don’t put yourself in that position as an American travel. The US has to try and get you along with the fact that like, Otto Warmbier, you could die in North Korean custody.

Don’t risk getting detained forever, or the US having to waste money to go and get you.

Don’t give the North Koreans any leverage in the international community.

We’ve seen some of it

There have already been incredibly brave journalists that have managed to film and get pictures from North Korea. When it comes to one of, if not the most authoritarian states on earth, settle for the documentary.

Better places

There are so many better, easier to get to, adventurous, and safer countries that actually offer an enjoyable trip without the chance of getting put in a work camp.

So please, stay out of North Korea.

Don’t Travel to North Korea
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One thought on “Don’t Travel to North Korea

  • 2018-02-13 at 4:16 pm

    Agreed! Please don’t travel to North Korea.


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