I have had the opportunity to travel quite a lot and hopefully will travel more in the near future. A lot of this travel has been on airplanes. In this article, I want to help anyone looking for the best and hopefully cheapest flight for a trip.

  1. Safety

Your first and most important priority should be safety. The most important aspect of travel is to get to and from the destination safe and sound. Always check an airline’s safety record before booking your ticket.

  1. Layovers & stops

It is entirely possible, especially when traveling to a less common, poorer or more remote location that making one, two, or even three stops will be necessary. I recommend trying to avoid making stops. My line that I usually don’t cross is a flight that is 11 and a half hours or more. Past 11 hours on a plane is when I began to get claustrophobic. Sometimes the price can be lower if you are willing to make a stop. Another tactic if it is possible, is a short layover, where you stay at a stop overnight and fly to your final destination the next day.

Figure out if stops are needed for your trip and make sure to plan accordingly. Know that if you are passing through one country to get to another, it is possible that you will have to fill out immigration paperwork at your stop and final destination.

  1. National Airlines

It is quite common in a lot of countries to have a “national airline”. This just means that the government runs the company, funds it or gives the company the blessing as the country’s airline. These airlines often offer much cheaper flights to their home countries.

  1. Luggage regulations

The rules of luggage weight, pricing, carry-ons, and what you are allowed to bring in or out of national borders varies wildly around the world. Make sure to check all of these rules in advance.

  1. 5. Online Check-in/ Printing boarding passes

Many airlines offer an online check-in and boarding pass printout service that can save a lot of time. You still have to go and give them your bag if you want to check luggage.

  1. Price comparing websites

There are several reputable websites that will compare prices for flights and let you book them. Look at other sites besides the airline’s website.

  1. Book roundtrip tickets

Unless you plan on staying in the destination for a long time, book roundtrip tickets. Roundtrip tickets can be much cheaper and give peace of mind that you have a ticket home.

I hope this helps with finding the best flight possible.

Photo Credit: By John T. Daniels [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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7 Tips to Find the Best Flight for a Trip
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