With a new North Korean missile test comes the theories as to why the reclusive nation continues to conduct these tests. The government of North Korea knows their situation and they are fearful of the future.

A desperate clinging on to relevancy

Missiles are the one incredibly deadly weapon that North Korea has that are difficult to obliterate before they do damage.

It is possible to bomb and shoot soldiers, planes, artillery, tanks and other more common weaponry. Missiles are different.

North Korea most likely knows that one of the only reasons the rest of the world has any fear of them or views them as threatening is because they have missiles.

The international community rightfully worries about missiles because they go really fast, are unmanned, and can do a horrific amount of damage in one hit. Missiles seem to serve as a way for the North Korean government to try and force the world to pay attention, not invade and not bomb North Korea.

A show of force as the clocks tick

North Korea has been around for a long time. It seems reasonable to assume that the North Korean regime know that their little hermit kingdom, their deadly monarchy, won’t last forever. Doing a show of force like firing missiles into the ocean could be a tactic to try and keep the forces of the international community away.

Kim Jong-un knows what has happened to other dictators. Kim Jong-un knows that if there is ever a revolution or he is captured, like Gaddafi in Libya or Saddam in Iraq, Kim Jong-un could die.

Kim Jong-un knows what might happen to him if he hopefully ever loses power.

North Korea is a danger to the region and the world. They have been able to avoid invasion and total war ever since their hermit kingdom began. These missile tests, including the latest one, could be due to the North Korean government’s awareness of their situation and a fear that their dictatorship’s time may soon be up.

A Possible Reason why North Korea Tests Missiles|| Editorial
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